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Hey Baller fans! We are the Young family. 

Two years ago Chef Kurt was approached by his friend to open a new food truck in Fayetteville.  Kurt at the time was a Chef in St. Louis and was excited for the opportunity to bring his family back home while continuing to work in the field that he loves. Kurt asked his brother Kyle to help run the truck, and so they did for about four months.At that time we decided as a family that we would love to do this together. So in July of 2014 we bought Baller.

We are a NWA family and we love serving the people in this area.  Our mission is to provide the people of NWA with great quality food in a fun and unique dining environment. The Baller concept is based on our food being in the shape of balls. It's not only great tasting food, but it is a great conversation piece for any event. From catering, tailgating, private events, lunches and dinners at local businesses in the area, Baller thrives in participating in as many local events as possible.

In the past we have enjoyed being at events such as Lincoln Apple festival, Junk Ranch, Vintage Market days, Block party, Frisco fest, Foam fest, Washington county fair and many more.   



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